About Juorge

Why choose your puzzle from Juorge.com ?

At Juorge.com, we have a collection of unique animal puzzles (Tiger, Cat, Bear, Butterfly, Deer, Wolf). The principle? Some pieces of your puzzle represent an animal. It's up to you to put together your majestic tiger.

Ideal for nature lovers, our puzzles are made from 100% natural and renewable materials.

Designed by a Lithuanian artist @mandarita_art with 8000 subscribers, an expert in traditional and digital drawings, she has created a unique work of art for each Juorge Puzzle with a sober and soothing colour palette

A masterpiece that goes beyond the expectations of a simple puzzle. Our goal is to make you have a good time and be proud to display your finished puzzle, the sweet fruit of your brain that will give your room a zen, relaxing atmosphere.

A unique experience. The reworked polished wood has a very pleasant feel to it that will always make you want to add a piece to your puzzle. Our wood also gives off a subtle scent comparable to incense.

Which puzzle for which age?

Jigsaw puzzles for adults and children alike, there is no age limit to the joy of putting the last piece of the puzzle in its place.

It's a great way to relax after a hard day's work. So we encourage you to find a puzzle of your liking at Juorge, why your favourite animal? You may also have a penchant for a colour or design that is close to your heart: the mandala is an organised design that appeals to everyone!

Do you prefer cool colours? Go for a butterfly

Warm colours and a relaxed atmosphere suit you better? Go for a Tiger

I've heard that Juorge Puzzles are good for the brain

Indeed, if we were to describe the experience of building one of our Animal Puzzles, it would be synaesthesia in a nutshell

The combination of all your senses will be stimulated when you open the box and start building: From the touch of the wooden pieces, the soft sound of a piece on the table to the subtle smell of the wood will give you a feeling of accomplishment

Scientific studies have shown that puzzles improve cognitive abilities and spatial reasoning. In the same way that regular reading and mental activities help you to avoid brain diseases, puzzles will act as a medicine for all those who love building and art puzzles.